Julie Collins has always longed for a true family and hopes to expand her marriage happiness with a child.  But her husband, Mike, has become increasingly career-driven, uninterested in complicating their lives with a baby. With Mike now almost entirely absent from their home, Julie begins to suspect more could be going on than she first thought, and her life isn't quite as on track as she had hoped.  Her determination not to give upon her dreams of motherhood has unintended consequences, and Julie is flung into an unexpected encounter with friendship and, perhaps, a chance at a family.  As her perfect future draws nearer, her past begins to close in;  can anyone truly escape from the lies of their past?


The light of Julie’s soul is fading. One pain too many; one more loss to endure. Julie, herself, is fading from reality. She lies dormant below the fire of rage, hate, and revenge. Yes, that’s where Julie has gone, and no longer able to awaken from its burning control. The shell of the old Julie can be deceiving as she carries on life without anyone knowing her secret. Only the fire can disguise her that way.

The new Julie has one focus, revenge on her once believed, mother. Flames run through Julie’s veins; she begins to lie and plot, only to have her payback, to see her mother trampled to dust. Yet, how far will this fire Julie go, and to what lengths will be taken when the unexpected challenges face her?

Samantha, once believed to be an enemy, becomes a trusted soulmate when they are drawn together by a force neither can explain. Unknown to the other, both suffered as children only to live with revenge of payback to the ones that caused it. Now two women are left with the same fire burning: controlling their every move.

 How far will they go to remove the stain of the past from their lives while risking losing what’s precious to both? What are they willing to let go in return to have that day?