Dianne Pennell

Author Fiction, Thriller, Suspense


I am a former Director of Nursing. I left my hometown of Curling, Newfoundland, Canada and ventured to the province of New Brunswick, Canada to continue my career in nursing.

In New Brunswick, I have not stopped with my active life of competitive sports (Running, Swimming, Skiing, Biking, and whatever will keep my moving legs Moving!

I am a wife and mother of grown children who are presently into their own world of success.

From the young age of, let’s say, early schooling, I developed a passion for storytelling and writing. A passion like that, never leaves the soul. It travels wherever you may want to venture!

With a career as a nurse, my heart was and is always to care for another while understanding the pains, misfortunes, desires, and beliefs of others.

In my series, starting with ''Truth Behind the Lies'' followed by ''Secrets and Vendettas'' surely you will feel those emotions as you read.

I believe everyone has a thriller, a suspense, or a romance tale hidden deep inside.

I take all those emotions and deliver them with a page-turner story. Trust me, many more stories are coming your way.

 Writing is my go too!!    Your enjoyment of reading my books is my success!!