Finding Family

Hello, my Blog followers. This blog, the first of many, will tell you a little about me. Like many others, I, too, left my homeland and family behind to follow a destiny planned for us.

I followed my destiny that had taken me from my beautiful home of Newfoundland, along with it, the sweet comfort of a Newfoundland family, well known to give.
As I travelled this path into the unknown like many others, I missed the gift of receiving, on the spot, a family visit, a stop by or giving a quick visit yourself to a family member. How this was taken for granted at the time. One gift that we never thought to mean so much until it became too far to reach.
However, I continued travelling this path with boots filled with loneliness, fears, and uncertainties.
As time passed, the spirit inside me became brighter while handing on to that calling of destiny. My first enlightenment, I found family at my work, nursing is a vocation and in that vocation to met the true love and kindness of friends, as I still hang onto. I am sure my road continued something like your own, baby steps to finding a new connection. I, too, met the love of my life and through this connection, my circle grew. Finding family in families of friends, my husband. Then it happened again, my path became clearer to see that my family had grown into even a stronger connection, as up the road and around the last turn stood before me, a heartwarming group of ladies awaiting to give their friendship and love. I began to realize what was happening before me, each new encounter, each new connection they took the heavyweights out of my boots by becoming my family away from home.
Even though I still have a natural family, the time, the distance, and the new lifestyle did create its own unfortunate natural space. The one telephone call, a text message, or even an email can never bring to its wanting of a family to be close by. I know you know how it feels. You and I somehow on this destiny away from home.
We will always know deep down our natural family will always be there when we need them. Yet, we have chosen this path, and the distance created is the price to pay.
However, I am blessed even further, as this new family took me into theirs and brought back the lost feeling of family joy.
They are a true family, standing by me, as the saying goes, through thick or thin. They bring to me a feeling of belonging and being loved. We even call ourselves MERMAIDS, all being swimmers.
To now look back, the path I had chosen had side roads of friendships awaiting and somehow becoming family.
They are the reason for my smile. I no longer have heavy boots.
To all destiny followers, seekers, homesick, and still travelling that path, I hope one day you will find that family away from home and receive the love and comfort so much needed no matter how far we travel from our roots.
This week, my mermaid family and I celebrated our annual Christmas dinner.
“Yes, that we did, just like a family!!!